Sunday, 26 March 2017

Shiny Coin - a favour to ask my regular friends and readers

This particular post is intended for people who usually buy my stuff. 

If you're new - welcome aboard :-D :-D xx


a shiny coin for carol prentice is live on Amazon on Kindle.



It's also LIVE again after a few days down for maintenance. 

If you are fast, you can pick up a paperback for a fiver as I am buying a few myself for distribution to some regular readers and people I think would like the book. 

It's a lovely looking paperback btw.





I have a favour to ask you. Just like The Guardian does.

This is primarily addressed to my friends, colleagues, supporters, readers and people who read UV and Carla in such numbers. 

I have apparently about twenty days from yesterday before a shiny coin for carol prentice disappears into the wild blue yonder. 

It's know as the thirty-day cliff. I'd like to hang on by my fingertips. Or undercarriage, as it were.


Shiny has had six reviews at the time of writing, after a week, and readers are enjoying the book. All the readers so far read it fast, in two cases, in one sitting.

The most common theme so far is I've written a page-turner, one of those books that keep you awake despite yourself. I'm really proud of that one.

Thank you xx 


Book Bloggers

Two bloggers have featured the book so far.

Terry Tyler Book Reviews


Georgia Rose Books

Thank you both xx

I do think - and I suspected so when I was writing it, and I don't write this stuff lightly - that I have written my Girl On The Train novel.

I.e. One with the potential to get some attention nationally and which seems to have wider appeal than my usual stuff.

My landlord, bank manager and many, many creditors would be grateful if that were the case!!

Cut to the chase: I need to get the book out there and I need you to help me do it. 

Apparently, according to people who know, the way Amazon works, I now have 20 days to do it in. 

Many of you have said many kind things about my writing, so if you wish to support me - and you intend to buy shiny at some point -  can you buy the Kindle edition in the next 20 days or so? 

It's a couple of quid here and three dollars outside the Isles.



It would help a lot. Ta! Wiz xx

Book Launch

I will (hopefully) be launching the book live early doors at Cafe Sobar in Nottingham, on Friar Lane, with Jason Loftus and Carolyn Hall, two great friends of mine. 

I will be reading live again and will (possibly) be interviewed about my work. I want our CW students involved too with their poetry, so it will be a solid old night.

Cafe Sobar is a dry bar. It is a self-sustaining social enterprise brilliantly supporting recovering substance abusers. 

This means that my non-drinking friends can enjoy themselves too. 

And my social drinking friends would only have an hour or so to wait :-D

I am busy getting the press involved: The launch will happen after the end of April which is five years after we launched Green Wizard Publishing. I am meeting Jason today to sort this out.




Notts lads: I know this book has nothing to do with football, except for my usual Notts mention, but you can easily buy this for your partner who I am sure will enjoy it. 

Let me know you've bought it and I'll buy you a pint in return at one of the upcoming aways. Luton seems popular this year!! 

Ta, as usual xx


And finally...

Taken in Southwell Library, the scene of many of my writing sessions on this novel
and one of the nicest libraries anywhere
I have 30 Paperbacks to give away completely free of charge.  

In return, I would ask you to do one or more of four things:

a) Leave a note on my Facebook Line to say whether you enjoyed it or not. Many of my quieter readers are on my Facebook and will see this. 

Please also feel free to give the paperback to a friend when you have finished and/or ask them to send me a friend request

On my line, I don't do politics (I wish I did, especially today), religion or swearing, so I'm harmless enough :-D

b) Buy a Kindle copy. It's £2.00/$2.99 and it massively effects my rankings. The more people who buy, the more notice people take. 

c) Leave an Amazon review (and/or Goodreads, but I am not on there). 

This all helps an author tremendously. Only last week, I met a reader who read one of my books (Criminals, without knowing me) because it had such decent reviews. It really does help.

Oh, and for the cynics, with the exception of two or three on UV and one on Criminals, none of my reviews are from my wonderful and devoted Aunty Betty.  Thank you :-D xx

d) Come to my book launch!! Date to follow and we'll have a proper Steve and Carol booze up after.

e) If you'd rather have a free mobi or a PDF (especially my US and ROW readers - postage post-Brexit is a bloody fortune :-D ) just drop me a line.

So that's it, Extract to follow.  Thanks for listening.

Mark/Wiz xx

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  1. Magnificent post Mark, and to anyone visiting here, I have bought, read and reviewed this book already. It's a terrific read but in this indie world it needs everyone's support to spread the word far and wide of its existence. So please do, Steve and Carol will love you for it ;-)