Monday, 20 March 2017

A Shiny Coin is LIVE, news on The Waiter, and I interview Carla Eatherington live on video...

First review from a customer in the US :-D

a shiny coin for carol prentice by Mark Barry is a dark, charming, moody story. One that I found hard to put down once I opened the book. The main character, Carol has a familiar quality that made me feel for her. I wanted to know her thoughts and why? I understood her sadness but there are layers to it, as with most of us.

The writing is sharp and clever. I had no idea what would come next but I read swiftly from the edge of my seat taking it all in. Things were not looking tidy and I had a feeling the outcome would not be good. No rocket science needed on that observation.

I read quickly, devouring the dialog as if I were on a timer. Curiosity got the better of me. This was not going to be a slow paced, casual read. I don't have that kind of patience, especially when I am that curious.

The author weaves a stunning tale that is full of mischief, cunning and danger. I liked the not knowing as much as it drove me crazy.

This is a great story for a reader who enjoys suspense, comedy and drama mixed with a fair amount of stressful energy.

A Shiny Coin For Carol Prentice is live on Amazon on Kindle.



The paperback is also ready, but in Proof mode, so if you buy it and there is a horrible formatting error in there, it's your fault :-D

It shall be ready on Sunday and I will buy X Copies for distribution.

As I said last week, it is a dark and moody sort of book with the streak of humanity and humour I cannot help but include.

Like  Carla, also contains VERY adult material and occasional swearing. Please be aware of this.

There are NO happy tears in this book, though it is a romance, at heart. As I write in the front matter...

This is a love story.

I guarantee everyone who has ever read Carla, in particular, or any of my books, will like at least some of it.

It is the first piece of creative writing I have done for two years, with the exception of the three Billy Idol stories in Brenda's Punk Rocker series, which are GREAT fun, if you've not read them.

Oh, and The Jacket appears in Shiny Coin :-D *wink*

Shiny Coin is £1.99 $2.99

Please read here for more info.

Last Week's Blog Post with Blurb and Commentary


Other news:

The Waiter will be out in paperback in three days, but not in ebook for two weeks. The MS is corrupt for some bizarre reason and I need to rewrite. That's me buggering about with dialogue notation again.

Embedded bloody fontage!!

However, I am busy on a terrific project for ten days so I need to put this to one side. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.


On Thursday night, as part of my regular Creative Writing gig, I interviewed a good friend of mine, Carla Eatherington, about her debut YA novel, Utopia.

Someone was crazy enough to video it. Carla looks and sounds terrific, but I am clearly showing the impact of a day's five-a-day nourishment on the third day of Cheltenham :-D

Anyway, it's not about me. This is a sound book and thought provoking. I am trying to get Carla to come on the Wizard's Cauldron, which I plan to relaunch shortly. She's worth listening to.




Marky xx

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  1. Terrific post packed with great news. The cover for SC is one of the best ever, I firmly believe :-) and that video is great fun - haha! #amreading