Monday, 30 November 2015

Vote For The Night Porter in the 2015 Golden Rose Awards

My seventh novel, "The Night Porter", has been nominated by a reviewer, from popular review blog Rosie Amber, for a Golden Rose Award in the Contemporary Fiction category.

Firstly, thank you for whoever nominated me. I really appreciate it xx.

Here are all the details.

To vote for The Night Porter:

1) Click the link below to access the voting panels on the left hand side.

2) Find this panel - fourth down.

3) Simply click the square bit next to the The Night Porter by me, Mark Barry (he says in best BBC superfluous tagging stylee*,**).

And that is it!

For those of you who read a ton of books, you might have read mine. To jog your memory, here's the new paperback cover.

This is a tough group. Personally, I think its the toughest group of all in the contest - the "Group Of Death", as they say in football terms. 

I've read two of the other books and they are excellent reads from popular novelists, so if you've read this, and liked it, I need your help to put on a decent show.

And May The Best Book Win.

And don't forget to vote in some other categories. Indies don't get this opportunity often, so if you've read a book and liked it, vote for it. 

Someone will benefit directly and all of us benefit overall.

I'll leave this pinned. Please feel free to share.

Thank you in advance.

Marky xx

*And if you recognise observations like that, you've definitely read TNP :-)

**Oh look, footnotes!


  1. Hahaha! Love this Mark :-) Best of luck in the Group of Death!!!

  2. I believe in your work. Winning material.

  3. I did. And I expect some others did, too, because there were about 2 or 3 hundred books to choose from!!! Rosie chose the 6 with the most nominations in each category.

  4. I did vote for you Mark - good luck.
    You deserve to win!
    Fingers crossed for you :)