Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A Beautiful New Cover For "Criminals

Proofed, ready and ordered, this is the best paperback and e-book Green Wizard has ever produced. 

Once Upon A Time In The City of Criminals

It's a beautiful looking beast and would make an ideal Christmas present/stocking filler/secret santa gift for the man in your life/work colleague/family member who enjoys a meaty, uncompromising read full of black humour and social comment.  A reader said this to her Facebook friends recently. I'll spare her blushes but I was quite flattered.

"One page I'm in tears, the next I'm laughing. Reading Mark Barry's stuff is like riding a roller coaster."

It's less than a fiver (eight dollars in the US) at the moment as I am donating TEN to the Brilliant Books Benefit next Friday. I'll keep it at that price until November 15th. 

It's £1.99/$2.99 on ebook.

The cover is by Dark Dawn Creations who is on fire at the moment. Not literally (though it does get hot in Arizona, I'm told).

Some images.

New Paperback Cover for 
Once Upon A Time In The City Of Criminals.

Here, you can read an extract and a full range of reviews

New e-cover

You can buy Criminals HERE in either Paperback or E-book

The paperback is a beauty, as I mentioned. I only wish I could do it justice.

Back Matter

You can buy Criminals HERE in either Paperback or E-book

Thanks, Mark


  1. This is a stunningly beautiful cover Mark (well done Dawn!) and depicts the book perfectly - I already have mine on order in readiness for the gift giving season and cannot wait to see it and while I shall try to avoid the temptation to open it when it gets here I doubt I shall succeed - brilliant!!

  2. Great cover that goes well with the fabulous storyline. Will look good on the shelf. Nice job!!! Book covers matter! Love this.