Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Writers, writers everywhere.

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  1. A talented author, you are; as an avid reader of your blogs and works I beseech you not to give up or quit writing; maybe a break for a day two but I know without a doubt that you were born to write. One day..isn't that in your acknowledgments...one day ladies and gents...keep blogging away, and writing your enthralling stories my friend - to the world, you may be but one in a million but to me you are ONE in a million. There is no other writer out there like you. Don't give up or quit on your fans because that is who you are really writing to...not the other junk that surrounds our market. Your Fans Love You.

  2. What a lovely thing to say about someone, K-Trina. I really do appreciate it. I think I got psyched out yesterday with Twitter and I think its going to have to go. What do they say? Facebook is how you want to be perceived and Twitter is who you are. To be frank, I'm an interactor and a relationship builder and that is pointless on Twitter which is just a big Me festival (by nature, I think).

    I won't be writing a piece of work until at least March, unless I can get inspired enough to write UV 2. Hollywood needs to sell more - it took eight months to write. Carla, for obvious reasons, has no sequel. TIW has a possible sequel but with my current "malaise" I doubt whether I'm up for it. However, I'm going to work with a certain other project when circumstances change, I'm working with little Mel down under, and want to sort out my friend Martin's piece of work for publication. These are going to take time. I'm a bit burned out - but as we've discussed at Court, I don't think I'm alone!! It's that bloody New Moon! Thanks again, honey. :-) xx

  3. A witty and informative post. I do agree with Ms. Meador's comments about your writing skills. Remember Commander Taggart's comment: Never give up, Never surrender. You will be recognized one day for the quality writer/novelist that you are. Keep it coming - your audience grows with each passing day.