Sunday, 4 November 2012


300,000 writers.
50,000 words.

I actually thought there was a prize for this, but there isn't, so there is absolutely no point me trying. I have six books out there. One which is 70,000 words and which I wrote in one month - including 42,000 words in a weekend, so I have nothing to prove. So, as the Dragons say when confronted with yet another grovelling wannabe. "I'm Out."

For those of you entering NaNoWriMo - an exercise which seems to me reduces the status of novelist to its lowest common denominator and in doing so reinforces the stereotype that writing is easy and thus worthless - I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to reading the 300,000 works of art which emerge from the exercise with rare enthusiasm.

Oh, and NaNoWriMo reminds me of the fifth Tellytubby. :-) Hence the title.

Love you all. Wiz xx

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