Friday, 1 July 2016

Kevin And The Atomic Bomb: A New Release

It's out today in ebook!

Kevin And The Atomic Bomb - Amazon UK  £1.99

Kevin And The Atomic Bomb - $2.99

Incidentally, this book is written with 19-25 year olds in mind. Some 16 year olds would be able to read it easily, others might be offended. I hope older people will read it. If you like Mark's stuff, many of you will get the jokes/tropes/links etc.

If you know anyone of this age group who likes reading, especially those who are upset about Brexit, then I would be interested to see what they think.

This book is very much an experiment on many levels.

Thanks, Wiz


To your right, as you look, you can see the book cover. Click and hey presto, there are FOUR sample chapters to view online through Sabercat. 

Otherwise, contact me and I'll send you a four chapter PDF


Punk Rocker anthologist and faction writer Brenda Perlin called me all the way from the OC to talk about the novel. Click on the link below.

When Brenda met Luke!


This weekend, Nottingham-based micro-publisher Green Wizard publishes a new novel, the first for a year and a half.

It will be initially available on Amazon as a £1.99 e-book for two weeks and then split into two collector's edition paperbacks, both around £5. 

The book will be published on Sunday 3rd July.

Here's Dark Dawn Creations new cover.

Word Count: Approximately 90k

Ease of Reading: Easy.

Estimated reading time: Five to seven hours.

Genre: NA (19-25) black comedy; political; fantasy; contemporary; suspense; crime; society

Tagline: What would YOU do if you were the most powerful single human being alive?


 Kevin Taylor's got problems. 

His maintenance grant is being cut, the leader of his protest group has designs on Rachel (his far-too-pretty-for-him girlfriend), DC are retconning their universe again and the local bullies make a habit of standing on his specs.

To top it all, his beloved mum is sick and her long term busybody "companion" is constantly in his face.  

And all he really wants to do is play Doom.

Despatched to London along with his streetwise best friend, Ricky, his orders are to pick up two secret packages donated by a pan-national group of hardcore Euro-revolutionaries. A massive demonstration is planned and the group need these to raise the stakes.

When Verna -a mysterious and alluring Polish freedom fighter - donates a mysterious third package that no-one expects nor knows anything about, Kevin Taylor quickly comes to realise that his problems are only just beginning.  

And his life as he knows it, and the life of everyone around him, is about to change forever.

Other information:  The story takes place over ten days in the immediate aftermath of the British public's decision to leave the European Union and in the context of the consequently collapsing economy.

Who may enjoy the book?:  Young people, young at heart, liberals, lefties, anti-Trumpers, Remainers/Remainers in need of therapy; fans of comedy, black comedy and books with a multi-character narrative. Fans of suspense and thrills. Crime readers. Historians. People from Nottingham.

Kevin And The Atomic Bomb - Amazon UK  £1.99

Kevin And The Atomic Bomb - $2.99

Who may not? Read the Amazon preview. Green Wizard is an exposition-free micropublisher. *wink*

Warning: Minor incidences of strong language.

Like a Sample? Click here: Chapter Two


The author will be featured on various blogs in the coming couple of weeks including the terrific Georgia Rose Blogsite

Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles, with the OC's excellent Brenda Perlin

and with top Kindleworld's thriller writer Eden Baylee

If anyone other bloggers fancy a natter about Luke's plans, contact the Wizard on the usual channels. I've a feeling this novel will go...

...with a bang.

(I'm here all week).


PS: There MAY be giveaways of the paperback, but get reviewing if you've had ANY from Green Wizard before. 'bigger wink*.

Kevin And The Atomic Bomb - Amazon UK  £1.99

Kevin And The Atomic Bomb - $2.99


Also, while you're waiting, don't miss Short Journeys, the latest in the Central College Anthology series featuring new Nottingham writers.  These stories, limited to 2500 words, are well worth a read and there are poetry and Haikus, as usual. Lots of genres covered including sci-fi, children's, contemporary, crime, urban, comedy and satire. Suitable for everyone.

Short Journeys On Amazon UK Buy HERE


Green Wizard Publishing
Southwell. Nottingham.

Publishing the work of Mark Barry, Lynne Morley, Luke Rock, Nick Petrocelli
and students of the Creative Writing and E-Publishing course at Central College Nottingham,

GW is the official publishing partner of Brilliant Books: encouraging reluctant readers to
pick up a book again.


  1. Sounds terrific Mark, I can't wait to see what Luke has come up with. A most excellent cover too!!

  2. Congratulations! Does the two week ebook thing mean that it's only available on Kindle for 2 weeks?