Monday, 11 May 2015

Ten Revelations Creative Writing Conclusion

On Wednesday nights, I act as a support worker on a Creative Writing and Self Publishing course, at Central College, Nottingham. This is a related part of our Brilliant Books programme. 

It's the third course we have delivered  and there are some excellent first time authors attending.

The objective of the ten week programme is to produce an e-anthology of their work from scratch. 

The first six weeks comprises of a very standard, very basic, Creative Writing course. The last four is about e-publishing. 

On Wednesday 13th, the work is completed. The anthology is called 

and is published in association with Green Wizard. 

There are some excellent stories, poems, satires and skit from an author group with a diverse range of interests.  

The group decided the title and they will decide the price on Wednesday evening, as it will be available for sale. 

The group have decided that any profits will go to charity and that charity will be Water Aid - and after the disaster in Nepal, it seems an appropriate one. 

If you don't feel that you can purchase the e-book, then could you  help us to spread the word and "follow" the authors contained herein?  

Using Twitter/Social Media is part of the programme. I will hashtag the new author handles and include them in my stream for a few days. 

Naturally, they will reciprocate with RTs etc (also part of the training).

We have a new course starting in June as this is an ongoing programme. Thanks for any support in advance.



  1. Love the cover Mark and I shall certainly be buying a copy, I'm looking forward to it :-) Will follow those involved as well as soon as I know who they are...another good job well done by both you and Phil I think.

  2. What a great way to activate both creativity and compassion! I will certainly get my copy and will throw this info around with enthusiasm. You are doing good things, all of you!

  3. This looks fab, Mark and I will definitely be buying a copy. You should all be very proud of yourselves :D

  4. That is a beautifully creative thing to do and so inspiring. This is a brilliant project that you are putting together. So touching and such a good reminder that there is more than just me me me. Giving is contagious and this project is a powerful reminder to all of us how we can do more. It will give me great pleasure to support something as worthy as this!