Friday, 6 March 2015

Countdown to Project X 120515

Cover Reveal

On Thursday 12th March, I reveal the cover for my latest novel, my ninth. It has a title, but it will be known (to the frustration of a friend of mine), as Project X until the cover is revealed.

The cover will be revealed with an extract, in the UK on Bodicia's brilliant bookblog A Woman's Wisdom

       ...and on terrific novelist's       blog, Georgia Rose Books.

Later that day, the cover will be revealed in the US on "faction" guru Brenda Perlin's BrooklynandBo Chronicles blog - with an interview for my US (and other) readers.


Sales and Marketing: The novel  will be on general sale on Friday March 20th. 

If you would like an interview with me, drop me a DM on Twitter or Facebook and we can exchange e-mail addresses. 

If you have a radio podcast station, I would be delighted to appear - not  done a radio interview since Phil Naessens, over two years ago, and Nottingham Trent with Jason Loftus.


I will be giving away up to 25 paperback books that week (old school) and 25 ebook gift vouchers (modern trendies). 

If you are a reader and I don't know you, and you would like a copy, drop me a DM on Twitter @Greenwizard62 at anytime. 

Please, though. 

If you suspect you won't like the book, or think you will  be unable to leave an Amazon Review OF ANY STAR RATING, then please, don't ask for one. 

This is an expensive exercise and I am a small business. I learned my lesson last year :-D and I shall be stricter second time around.

The Novel: Over the next few days, I'll be posting little appetisers and random posts about Project X.  I write one novel per year and this will be it until March 2016.

Project X is a CRIME book with a strange, quirky romance at the centre, (which is a structural homage to my 2012 novel, Carla, but with major differences)

It is set in Nottingham with real characters. People you will see lurking about every time you go down to the shops for a a tray of apple pies and a pint of gold top.  It is earthy, raw, nihilistic and amoral. There are no heroes and villains here - just people painted in a million shades of grey.

Like you and like me.

It is like those great novels of the  seventies - the last decade where the money men let artists, film makers and (naturally) writers loose with the family silver before recruiting hordes of sharp suited Business Studies and Marketing graduates to rein us in.

Most of all, if, once you have read it, you can tell me what Genre it is (for the benefit of the afore mentioned, then please let me know. 

I don't do genre - I write novels.

See you tomorrow night


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Thank you for reading the novels. You are all much appreciated xx

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If you need me next week, I shall mostly be at the Cheltenham Festival. 

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Once you've written something, put it in a drawer for at least a month, preferably three, and then read it before you show it or send it to anyone else. When you read it back you should be able to see for yourself what works and what doesn't.


  1. Yes, I am a very literal person and take things as face value. I’m sticking with Project X. Yes, I am gullible but I kind of fancy PX. All kidding aside, this book will rock your socks off!!! Ask me how I know ;-)

  2. ...let the countdown anticipation rises for the launch of your ninth novel Mark - can't wait - the cover...the name...the blurb...the book...bring it on ;-)

  3. I shall be waiting with bated breather, Mr. Barry! As a reader of Carla and The Night Porter, both extraordinary, I can only imagine the invention and mastery of your coming tale (Project X, indeed! :). Wishing you all good luck with this rollout...the world is waiting!

  4. Fabulous! See my review for Carla here