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The Night Porter On Kindle Countdown - June 19th


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TV's "Countdown" Word Game


Harmony hairspray and Spandex rock from 
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To boldly go...where no person has gone before...


June 19th - 26th 2014



TNP Image suggested by Lelani Black, author of "Private Dancer" and "Going Greek"

 I especially loved the young YA writer and the way in which Mark Barry wrote her, I have a friend just like that, and around that age and Mark Barry nailed that Gen Y type perfectly. The romance writer cracked me up, she was so vivid and inebriated and how I imagine myself to be in a few years! (What's a little alcohol between friends?)

Aside from the wonderful people, (saying characters diminishes them somewhat - because they actually seem REAL) there is also a very cunning plot full of twists and turns that had me speeding along to find out WHODUNNIT. And it kills me, it really does, that I couldn't work it out! GAH! That's great writing for you! Mr Clever, (Mark Barry) also writes with these really amusing footnotes included in the text, and they really add to the whole uniqueness of the book.
Beautiful, eloquent, and humorous, a great satire which I highly recommend! I SO SO hope there is a sequel to this, because I would buy it in a second.

(Rebecca Raisin, Carina UK author of "The Bookshop on the Corner")

"A unique novel – real writing. Full of punches, kicks and honesty.
Mark Barry writes how he sees it and leaves no stone unturned. His writing is flawless and continues to draw the reader in with his exceptional style. Mr Barry is perhaps the most daring of contemporary fiction writers and THE NIGHT PORTER is, to date, his most ‘avant-garde’ novel.
I won’t tell you what the story is about, buy this book and read it for yourself, but one thing for sure, it will leave you thinking … Who’d I compare his work to … Dickens, Faulks, Amis … this man can write!" 

(Ngaire Elder, author of the Cecilia Spark series)

"The Night Porter. 
Shortlisted for the BEST Indie book I have ever read..."

(Terry Tyler, author of "Kings and Queens" and "The Other Me")

So. What is Countdown and how, as a writer, can I buy into it?

I'm a reader. What does Countdown do for me?

Great books. Discount prices. 
The longer you wait, the more expensive they become - so buy early!

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This is my last promo for TNP before I start new work so let's give the gal a good send off, shall we!

Love, Mark


  1. Never done a kindle countdown - will be interesting to know how this works for you, Mark. Will help spread the word! n x

    1. Fingers crossed, N! I'll keep you posted!! :-) Mxx

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    1. Interesting, Terry. When I clicked that link it went to my blog organisation page. Computers huh! What ever happened to newspapers, pencils and notepads and the carrier pigeon! Sorry for any inconvenience. I've no idea how many people clicked on the link but it is now asorted and I've included your link. :-) Mark