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The Night Porter Interviews - Mark Barry

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1. Highly respected Historical Fiction/Romance author and massive font of Indie Knowledge, Mary Ann Bernal, meets Mark Barry

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"I wrote the first chapter straight off and it developed from there – the awards ceremony, the loathsome Julian Green, Martin Sixsmith and the character of The Night Porter. I do reference Cavani’s film in the book, but it is completely different concept. Message? Yes there is a massive message, but readers will have to get stuck in to find it." 

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2. Acerbic chronicler of fictionalised "real" relationships, and mega-indie promoter, Brenda Perlin, interviews Mark Barry

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"The writing as in all Mark Barry's books is sharp, clever with a fabulous sarcastic undertone. Done in the most humorous way. Reminiscence of Monty Python bits. His use of language is beyond shrewd. I read and re-read sentences as I am in awe of this authors unique writing ability. I would like to say natural talent but that would be hard for me to fathom. The detailed descriptions are beyond gifted. At times the narrative gives you the feeling that you are chatting with a friend as the dialog flows so natural off the pages."

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Brenda designed many of these bonkers
 images for The Night Porter

3. Effervescent Australian chicklit and high-adventure author, Rebecca Raisin, asks Who Is Wiz Green?

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"Best book? Has to be Carla, Rebecca. The Night Porter is a magic book and I’m proud of it, as I am of Hollywood Shakedown, but as a writer, Carla is who I am and I can read the first three chapters and the last six over and over, particularly the chapters called Top Hat and Smash Box. Don’t think I’ll ever write anything as good as that."

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4. Popular children's author and rising star of the Indie blogging world, Ngaire Elder, spotlights The Night Porter

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"My beta readers don't bulls**t me either. They give it me good and proper if they think I need it, which is often.  Readers who have read my books, whether they like the stories I come up with or not, universally say I know my way around a keyboard. So that assessment means a lot.    It is a puzzle, an experiment, an innovation. One of those lithographs of impossible design renaissance tricksters sold on Florence Market. Every book I write, I try to do something different, something no-one else is doing."

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 5. Dark goddess of Steampunk, the ever-popular Rae Gee, asks some searching questions...

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"At the street level, the kids are fantastic, all that YA stuff. They work together, support each other to the end, run a barter economy, reciprocally buy each other’s books regardless of quality, blog tour each other, review each other, act like a tribe, and generally play the game properly. Many authors my age could learn a lot from the YA community. I know I could".

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The Saracen's Head, Southwell. Fictionalised in
The Night Porter

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