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Maestros of Modern Romance

These are the...

Maestros of Modern Romance

A couple of years ago, I started an Interview Blog. 

Classic eighties salsa-dance with
"Modern Romance" on BBC's once-compulsive, now-ridiculed,
Top Of The Pops

It wasn't intended to be an interview blog and I have no idea how it transformed into one, but it worked.  

Published each Wednesday, The Wizard's Cauldron showcases Independent, Imprint, E-pub and Small Press talent. 

Each month, more and more people read the Cauldron's interviews.We are up to 77 chats and sometime in July, we will publish our Centenary edition. I am going to invite someone very special for that one. 

Post-Christmas Chickliterati

This past month has been a good one. Following the Matt Posner interviews, we've been concentrating on chicklit and romance - again, how that happened is another head scratcher inspired by the social networks of which we all form a node. 

But it's been great fun and as a tribute (and an ongoing series), this Catalogue Post summarises what we've been doing and a little of what we are going to do in the future. These ladies cover all aspects of romance, from historical, through paranormal, to High Heels on the High Street. Romance readers will love their work.

Support Your Local Independent Writer

Remember: Each time you buy a book by a rich and famous author for a dollar/quid at Wal-Mart/ASDA, you stop fiction moving forward. 

They don't need the money. We do.  There are some superb writers interviewed who need the exposure and the sales they deserve. Here are just a few of them.


Katie Oliver

Katie Oliver

Loads of 4* and 5* reviews - Katie can turn a decent phrase and
keeps even chicklit-deniers interested with her occasional killer lines.


Mary Ann Bernal

New York's Mary Ann Bernal

History brought to life by a love that cannot
be extinguished by the passage of time -  brilliant Mary Ann Bernal supplies crystal clear writing to the masses
and her tome is already gaining 5* plaudits around the world.

Buy Timeline HERE US

Buy Timeline HERE UK

Mary Ann's TIMELINE spotlighted on excellent Spotlight Blog HERE

Mary Ann Speaks About Her Life and Work on the Writers Show Podcast HERE

Mary Ann's Appearance Around The Wizard's Cauldron HERE


Rebecca Raisin

Rebecca Raisin

Tons of 4 and 5 star reviews for this bittersweet romance and cake classic.
"So bittersweet, manic romance fans
have been known to devour it
right there in the bookshop as if it was, in fact, a giant gingerbread man!"

Buy Christmas At The Gingerbread Cafe HERE US

Buy Christmas At The Gingerbread Cafe HERE UK

"Lil, the owner of the café has had some struggles in the past, and is doing everything she can to stay afloat. CeeCee her bubbly friend and only employee, helps Lil at the café and dispenses advice, she’s a tell-it-like-it-is southern woman. Cue the new guy in town. Damon, nice guy, and hot to boot, who opens up a shop across the road selling similar things to the Gingerbread Café. And so the competition begins…" 

Rebecca Raisin's Appearance Around The Wizard's Cauldron


Susan Buchanan

Susan Buchanan

More five star reviews than you'll witness for the average romance classic. Go on, have a look.
An effervescent read for fans of well written chicklit and high tempo romance. BIG seller! 
Buy The Dating Game HERE US


Gladys Quintal

Gladys Quintal

The long running four book Dream Series began here: Romance with a distinct paranormal edge, garnering tons of .
plaudits and praise from a passionate following of readers in America.  The bandwagon shows no sign of stopping.

Buy The Man Of My Dreams HERE US


Popular chicklit and romance writers confirmed and coming soon to The Wizard's Cauldron

The ever popular and extremely well reviewed Terry Tyler
The shrewd pundit's Tip for the Top: Georgia-style
romance with Tracie Bannister


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PS: By the way, grammar-Nazis, I am aware that the noun "Maestro" is a traditionally masculine adjunct, but it's that waitress, actress, stewardess thing.  Do we need the split any more? It looks good too!


  1. Thanks Wiz, love it (once I got past the video lol!) x

  2. What a wonderful collection of writers of romance brought together in your celebratory post. As for the video, OMG, what is that all about, I'd make more sense of bees in a hive! Great post btw, did I say that already???!!!!!!! n x

  3. fab post, Wiz. Great cast of writers. Glad all is going well, Sooz